New Resident Info

New Resident Info Sheet
Updated: 09-11-22

Lochn'ora HOA Website:
Create your account using the register link on the Lochn'ora Website. This is the primary communication method for the HOA and allows you access to additional information available on our website.

Durham, NC web site:

Durham Public Schools web site:
     - District Information for residents:

Durham Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule:
Access the City of Durham Collection Calendar
NOTE - You can sign up for ongoing reminders!

Recurring Neighborhood Events:

     * July - Annual July 4th parade and ice cream gathering

     * October - Annual Pig Pickin’ event
     * October 31st - Lochn'ora Annual Halloween parade
     * December - Holiday season driveway get together

Neighborhood Newsletter is published bi-annually on June 1 and December 1.

Lochn'ora Google Group is available for neighbors to communicate via email.  This is optional and if you want to join the group, please email [email protected] and request an invitation to join the group.

Discover Durham @
Durham County Board of Elections website