Architectural Review Form

Please review the Lochn'ora Homeowners Association Architectural Guidelines before submitting an application. The guidelines can be found on the "Documents and Forms" page of the website. The Architectural Review Board will contact the submitter through the information in their website profile.


A permit and inspection by the City of Durham may be needed. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to ensure compliance with all relevant building practices, codes, permits, and licensing requirements as such matters are beyond the scope of the Committee’s review.


When the committee reviews this request, your neighbors have the right to comment and present views about your requested improvements.  This is not for their approval; it is only to make them aware that there will be changes next door. Please include the names of all property owners having adjoining lot lines with your property and those across the street and whether you have spoken to them regarding your plans. If the committee deems it necessary/appropriate to consult with neighbors, a letter will be sent notifying them of the proposed plans and providing them an opportunity to review a copy of the plan documents.  Neighbors not requesting a copy of the plan documents will be considered as having no objection.